FBNC NEWS On August 20th 2020 – Together With Ecom Net, Viet Media Travel Create The Turning Point In Mask Subsidies With The Aim Of Fighting Against Covid-19 Epidemic

FBNC NEWS on August 20th 2020

Together with ECOM NET, VIET MEDIA TRAVEL create the turning point in mask subsidies with the aim of fighting against Covid-19 epidemic

Strongly impacted by Covid-19 epidemic, many tourism enterprises do not stand still, yet finding out the exit to overcome it. Among them are enterprises that have engaged in producing medical masks.

Recently, Viet Media Travel Corporation released a notice announcing that they are cooperating with Ecom Net Investment Holding Company to produce and distribute all kinds of Ecom masks, protective suits, and medical disposable products.

Mr. Tran Van Long, CEO of Ecom Net Investment Holding Company, said that in the period of a prolonged epidemic affecting the tourism industry, enterprises have actively found new directions to survive. The participation in the production and distribution of medical products not only helps enterprises survive in difficult times but also aims to support the community via providing certified mask products circulated by the Ministry of Health at stable prices.

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