Medical Gloves/ Surgical Gloves

Medical Glove/Surgical glove

Specification for this item:

  • Material: nitrile
  • Popular application: Medical Gloves/Surgical Gloves can be used in beauty, household, industrial, laboratories, machinery maintenance, etc.
  • Size L, Palm width: 10cm, Recommended crowd: women with large hands or men with small hands;
  • Size XL, Palm width: Greater than 10CM, Recommended crowd: men with large hands.

Product details:

  • Packaging: 100 pc/pack
  • Color: white, blue
  • Safety sealed packaging
  • Natural fit and comfort
  • Powder – free
  • Excellent dexterity and elasticity.
Medical Gloves, Surgical gloves

Nitrile Surgical Gloves (Medical Glove) are stronger than latex or vinyl because they offer higher barrier protection from exposure to chemicals and provide high tensile strength, plus the tactile feel, sensitivity.


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