Face masks: How to help kids feel comfortable

Encouraging your kids to wear face masks outside will encourage other preventative measures, like using hand sanitizer and social distancing. And while it’s still uncertain if kids will return to school this year — perhaps with a face mask requirement. It’s still a good idea to stock up on enough masks for them to wear while out in public or playing.

Top things to know when buying face masks for kids:
  • If they wear glasses, consider styles that go around the back of the head or neck, instead of the ears. Also, a contoured mask shape may work best with glasses.
  • If your child has breathing problems, such as asthma, the CDC suggests they should not wear a face mask.
  • Is your kid active? Some companies are using a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric, like cotton, which is better suited for the summer heat.
  • We recommend buying several masks for your child to rotate out while the others are being washed.
  • If the face mask winds up making your child’s ears sore, here are recommendations to make it more comfortable.

Overall, wearing a face mask is a new concept for many kids, so it’s important to help them understand why we wear masks when we are not sick. Although it’s important for kids to understand why medical face masks are so important, parents and caregivers should also validate their children’s concerns or fears about wearing a mask. This allows kids to process their feelings and feel more in control of the situation. If you’re looking for the best face masks for kids, start with masks they’re actually going to want to wear.

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