Basic necessities for coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus may be spreading, but it isn’t necessary to randomly hoard supplies. Here are some basic necessities for covid 19 in case of an emergency.

  • Hand cleanser:

Hand hygiene, including hand-wash or the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can prevent infections. It is also related to reductions in the number of viable pathogens that contaminate the hands. Each member of your household should wash his or her hands many times a day, so expect to go through a lot.

  • Cleaning products:

We should get in the habit of routinely cleaning any household surfaces by diluted household bleach solutions. We can also use disinfectant wipes which contain at least 70% alcohol solutions. You’ll also need plenty of paper goods: paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper, at a minimum.

  • Medical Gloves (Surgical Gloves):

Medical gloves are used to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection or illness during medical procedures and examinations. The effectiveness of gloves corresponds to how diligent the user is about cleaning or disposing of them, as well whether they continue to practice social distancing guidelines.

  • Face Masks:

Face mask include medical face mask (surgical face mask), cloth mask. Masks act as a physical barrier to protect you and others from viral and bacterial particulates. It also will reduce oral transmission by preventing the virus from getting into your nose or mouth.

  • First aid kit:

It’s important to have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries. Your first aid kit should be locked and kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children. Many people also keep a small first aid kit in their car for emergencies. Medicines should be checked regularly to make sure they’re not expired.

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