Difference between 3 Ply and 4 Ply Surgical Mask

One of the most popular personal protective equipment is a surgical face mask.  It’s a fluid-resistant, disposable, comfortable fitting, and provides a physical barrier for users.

Surgical face masks are made from non-woven polypropylene fabric. They should have at least a minimum of 80 percent bacteria filtration efficiency. They come with elastic over-the-ear straps that stretch to secure the mask to your head. There are 3 ply surgical mask and another alternative, the 4 ply surgical mask

The 3 ply surgical mask is the accepted protection after the N95 mask to help you protect yourself against airborne viruses. 

  • The innermost layer made from spun bond polypropylene, which absorbs water, sweat and absorbs moisture. 
  • The middle melt-blown layer is designed as the filter to stop germs from entering or exiting the mask. 
  • The outer hydrophobic layer that functions to repel water, blood and body fluids.

The 4 ply surgical mask is like a 3 ply face mask with an added extra layer with an activated carbon filter or one more filtering layer.

  • 1st layer : polypropylene spun bond non-woven
  • 2nd layer: active carbon filter fiber or another filtering layer
  • 3rd layer: melt-blown non-woven fabric
  • 4th layer: polypropylene spun bond non-woven

They also have adjustable nose strip to give maximum protection and comfort to the user. It also gives protection against odors as well as organic vapors. 

Both the 3 ply surgical mask and 4 ply surgical mask can protect you against viruses and also reduce the spreading of infection among people. Get one while you can and stay safe out there!

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